Our Aims

AnMed founded Piedmont Health Partners in partnership with the medical community to:
•    Decrease health care costs by preventing hospital readmissions and reducing reliance on expensive medical services 
•    Improve community health by preventing and managing chronic conditions 
•    Enhance the patient experience by motivating and engaging patients to play an active role in their care 
•    Improve providers’ satisfaction by providing tools and resources that make their work more efficient and effective

Who We Are

Our network has about 600 providers, including more than 130 primary care providers. It also includes nurses, social workers, respiratory care practitioners, certified medical assistants, care navigators, pharmacists and other professionals we call “health partners.” These partners facilitate relationships with patients and providers in and out of the hospital, and they work to remove barriers to care. 

Services for Patients

We help patients: 

  • Navigate complex health systems
  • Transition from the hospital to outpatient care 
  • Find a primary care provider or specialist 
  • Learn how to manage chronic conditions and live a healthier lifestyle 
  • Manage medications 
  • Schedule health screenings and annual wellness visits 
  • Connect to community resources that help with transportation, housing, food and other social services  

We provide home visits, telehealth appointments, health coaching, caregiver support and more.

Need Help?

Call our Helpline at 877-906-4478 if you need any of the services listed above or aren’t sure where to turn for health care. We’ll connect you to someone who can support you.

Value-Based Care

Medicare Advantage and other market pressures are driving the shift to value-based payment, which rewards positive health outcomes, over traditional fee-for-service arrangements. In response, Piedmont Health Partners emphasizes primary and preventive care, tracking of quality metrics, and accurate documentation of patient encounters. We use population health technology that combines insurance claims data and clinical data to help manage costs and improve quality. 

Payer Contracts

Piedmont Health Partners contracts with several health insurance providers, including:

  • AnMed Employee Plan
  • Humana Medicare Advantage
  • MSSP
  • BCBS Novel (Michelin Employee Plan)
  • Aetna Medicare Advantage
  • Devoted Medicare Advantage

Nearly 30,000 patients have coverage under these plans. 

Contact Us

Call 877-906-4478 or send a fax to 864-512-2083 to reach Piedmont Health Partners.

Southeastern Health Partners

Piedmont Health Partners is a participant in Southeastern Health Partners, a Greenville-based accountable care organization managing the health needs of diverse populations in the Upstate.