Mission & Culture

As a not-for-profit, mission-driven health system, AnMed recognizes and appreciates the dignity and individual differences of all people. We recruit teammates who represent and reflect the community we serve, offering equal opportunity to join and advance within the organization. Celebrating diversity strengthens our workplace culture.

What Does DEI Look Like at AnMed?

AnMed's dedicated Diversity & Language Services Department oversees initiatives related to:

  • Diversity – Ways people differ. Diversity includes characteristics and intersections of race, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or family status, mental and physical ability, and learning styles.
  • Equity – Fairness. Equity efforts aim to provide high-quality care, regardless of patient characteristics, and reduce health disparities.
  • Inclusion – Equal access for all to resources and opportunities. Everyone should feel safe, respected, engaged, motivated and valued for who they are and their contributions.
  • Cultural competency – Integration of knowledge about individuals and groups into specific standards, policies, practices and attitudes. Used in appropriate cultural settings to improve quality of services and outcomes.

You deserve a fair, healthy and high-performing workplace. Look to AnMed to demonstrate our commitment to DEI through:

  • Organizational processes and policies
  • Leadership, governance and workforce diversity and inclusion
    • Recruitment and equal participation of diverse groups at all levels of the organization
  • Data-driven care delivery
    • Collection and use of data to identify and address disparities and track outcomes 
  • Cultural competency education
    • New teammate orientation and annual testing 
  • Social responsibility and community engagement

Teammate Resource Groups

Teammate resource groups give team members the chance to connect, collaborate and offer input on system-wide decisions. As a teammate, you'll see firsthand how these groups make a difference. Consider getting involved by joining a group that matches your interests or sharing an idea with a group member.

Extraordinary Women in Healthcare

Since opening our doors in 1908, women of extraordinary passion, commitment, and clinical excellence have been at the forefront of the AnMed system. The intent of Extraordinary Women is two-fold: 

  • It is our signature Women’s History Month celebration and recognition of exceptional female teammates, volunteers and medical staff in the areas of clinical excellence, leadership and community service
  • It is our opportunity to engage in timely conversations with regional or national industry thought leaders  

Nursing Diversity Advisory Council

Put cultural diversity and inclusion principles into practice during your nursing career. Get guidance and support from our Nursing Diversity Advisory Council, and work in an environment that does not discriminate based on:

  • Age
  • Culture or religion
  • Language
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Physical or mental disability
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression

Consider serving on the council, a collaboration between AnMed's Diversity and Language Service Department and the Nursing Practice Council. 


VetNet's mission is to support AnMed teammates who are active duty, reserve or veteran military members. The group is open to all teammates. Take part in VetNet-organized activities to:

  • Place flags on AnMed grounds for Flag Day
  • Make care package to send to deployed service members
  • Observe Veteran's Day 


ProConnect helps teammates of all backgrounds to collaborate, network, develop relationships and more deeply engage. Younger teammates find mentorship from more experienced peers. The group is open to all teammates interested in professional development


During your job search or hiring process, email jobs@anmedhealth.org if you:

  • Have a question about working at AnMed or a specific position
  • Need help using our website or jobs portal


Trust that leadership understands the importance of DEI and puts beneficial programs and practices into place. Our executive team completed the Riley Institute's Diversity Leadership Initiative at Furman University. Depending on your role, you may participate in our Diversity Leadership Network, a series for department and other leaders. 

State & Community Partnerships 

See AnMed's promotion of DEI within our organization and beyond through:

  • Alignment with South Carolina Hospital Association's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council
  • Membership in the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina 
  • Collaboration with Anderson Area Remembrance & Reconciliation & Initiative 
  • Partnership with Anderson County Safety Net Council

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Be part of an organization that respects your unique background and promotes equal access, compassion and fairness.

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