Play an Active Role in Your Care

We want you to be engaged in your care, so during your visit, please ask your doctor, nurse or other health professional as many questions as you need to. Invite a trusted family member or friend to your appointments to support you and help remember your instructions and education.

After Your Visit

After returning home, you may receive a patient experience survey, email or text. Please take the time to complete the survey and give us feedback about your visit. If you want to share praise or other specifics about a team member, you can do so on the survey or write to the patient advocate. Your input helps us continue to improve, as well as recognize those who provide exceptional care. 

Questions or Concerns?

If you have a question or concern during your visit to an AnMed facility, please tell your caregiver or ask to speak to the leader of that area. Most concerns are resolved at the bedside by the person who receives the complaint or by their manager. But if you’re not satisfied with their response, feel free to call the patient advocate.

Contact Us 

To reach the AnMed patient advocate, call 864-512-1404 or write to: 

AnMed Patient Engagement & Advocacy Department 
800 North Fant Street 
Anderson, SC 29621

Complaints & Grievances

If you call the patient advocate with a complaint, we’ll call you back and then determine if the complaint needs to be elevated to the supervisor or director as a grievance. All responses from a grievance must be resolved or addressed within 10 days. We’ll work to turn your unmet expectation into a positive experience.

If you want to elevate your complaint to the next level, you have the right to file with an outside agency. These organizations include: