The AnMed Family Medicine Residency Program is approved for 11 residents per year for a total of 33 residents.  In our Family Medicine Center, with 24 exam rooms and four procedure rooms, we treat a large number of receptive and challenging patients. AnMed provides a breadth of education you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else, as you will experience the entire spectrum of medicine, from labor and delivery to geriatrics and every life stage in between.

At AnMed, residents enjoy a safe, vibrant community with excellent weather and a supportive educational environment. Some graduates go on to fellowships, but many begin practicing family medicine in their own community. Follow along with our residency program on Instagram by following the hashtag #AnMedHealthFMR

Mission and Aims

To prepare Family Physicians to practice, in any environment, while providing excellent evidence-based care to the population served and promoting personal growth, wellbeing, and lifelong learning.

  1. Residents must complete the required curriculum and achieve board certification, with growth in medical knowledge, patient care, procedural competence, systems-based practice, practice-based learning and improvement, professionalism, and communication.
  2. Residents should develop a personal growth and learning plan for residency and future practice by using faculty feedback, personal reflection, milestone evaluation, and the In Training Exam.
  3. To develop in residents and faculty the importance and attention to resources and techniques for enhancement of physician wellbeing and resilience.
  4. To instill in each resident a working knowledge of best practices for safety and quality, and to practice these skills in treating with the goal that they will be ingrained in future practice.
  5. Demonstrate the importance of social determinates of health and the care of underserved populations.

AnMed is proud to send out graduates of the Residency Program into the medical community to serve patients across the state of South Carolina and the country. The images below showcase the different areas that AnMed Residency Program graduates have gone on to as they began their careers.


Many medical residency programs use these words to describe those who teach and train:

  • Compassionate
  • Knowledgeable
  • Skillful
  • Dedicated
  • Diverse

And all these words do indeed apply to members of AnMed's Family Medicine Residency program. But our commitment to diversity is one of the things that differentiates AnMed.

“We take our diversity seriously,” according to medical resident Amanda Davis. “Diversity is deeper than any picture. It has to do with experiences, beliefs, life stories and goals. Our patient population is very diverse as all of our faculty and residents know well from their daily walks with them through life.”

In addition to a diverse patient populations, AnMed’s Family Medicine Residency program’s commitment to diversity is expressed in these ways:

  • AnMed Office of Diversity and Language Services – Committed to reducing health disparities in care, and provides interpretation services to non-English and limited-English speaking patients.
  • AnMed Connect Symposium – Yearly event open to hospital staff and community groups to discuss diversity and health disparities.
  • Anderson Free Clinic – Established in 1984 to provide care for the underserved. Staffed by volunteers, including residents and faculty.
  • Residency Diversity Committee – A subgroup of residents and faculty who meet several times year to promote diversity within our residency program and to work on our cultural competency curriculum.