Practice Sites

Residents will practice at the following locations: 

  • AnMed Medical Center 
  • AnMed Women's and Children's Hospital
  • AnMed Primary Care – Family Medicine Residency

Patient Population

Our population reflects the needs of Anderson, a diverse community in Upstate South Carolina. Approximately 24 percent of ambulatory visits are from patients under 16, and 28 percent are from those older than 60. We treat many receptive and challenging patients. Our goal is to help you learn the necessary skills to provide ambulatory and inpatient care to patients of all ages.

Rotation Structure

AnMed rotations are in 13 four-week blocks per year. In the first year, there are 7.5 blocks of inpatient rotations (pediatrics, obstetrics and inpatient medicine), with continuity clinic occurring one half-day per week in all blocks. 

By the third year, there are three blocks of inpatient rotations (mainly adult medicine) with three to five half-days of ambulatory continuity clinic per week on the other blocks. This matches the general focus of most graduates toward ambulatory care after graduation, with the capability to continue to practice hospital medicine, if desired.

Throughout the residency, we host weekly meetings that cover procedural techniques. We also have team-based conferences on inpatient and outpatient medical care, including MAT (medication assisted treatment) and behavioral medicine.

  • Community Medicine: 4 weeks

    Pediatrics (inpatient): 8 weeks

    Pediatrics (outpatient): 4 weeks

    Obstetrics: 8 weeks

    Adult Teaching Service (day coverage): 8 weeks

    Adult Teaching Service (night float): 8 weeks

    Emergency Medicine: 4 weeks

    Sports Medicine/Elective: 4 weeks

    Surgery: 4 weeks


  • Pediatrics (inpatient): 8 weeks

    Orthopedics: 2 weeks

    Adult Teaching Service (Primary): 4 weeks

    Obstetrics: 6 weeks

    Wellness Medicine: 2 weeks

    Dermatology: 2 weeks

    Internal Medicine Inpatient Subspecialty Survey (Cardiology, Critical Care, Hospital Medicine): 4 weeks

    Subspecialty Survey (ENT, Ophthalmology, Urology): 2 weeks

    Clinics: 4 weeks

    Emergency Department: 4 weeks

    Radiology: 2 weeks

    Practice Management: 2 weeks

    Adult Teaching Service Supervising Resident (days): 2 weeks

    Adult Teaching Service Supervising Resident (nights): 2 weeks

    Electives: 6 week

  • Clinics: 4 weeks

    Adult Teaching Service (day coverage/back-up): 8 weeks

    Adult Teaching Service (back-up/night float): 6 weeks

    Community Pediatrics: 2 weeks

    Orthopedics: 4 weeks

    Psychiatry: 4 weeks

    Gynecology: 4 weeks

    Geriatrics: 4 weeks

    Kids' Care (Pediatric Urgent Care): 2 weeks

    Electives: 16 weeks

  • Anesthesiology


    Critical Care


    Diabetes Education



    Global Health


    Hospice and Palliative Medicine

    International Medicine

    Laboratory Medicine

    MSK Ultrasound



    Point of Care Ultrasound

    Practice Management


    Pulmonary Medicine



    Respiratory Therapy


    Sports Medicine


Procedural Training

During your residency, you’ll have opportunities to perform many common procedures.

Women's & Children's Health

Women’s & Children’s Health

Birth control placement and removal



Endometrial biopsy

First assistant at C-section

IUD placement and removal

Perineal laceration repair as part of vaginal birth

Vaginal birth, including vacuum extractor us


    Point of care ultrasound

    General Surgery

    Incision and drainage procedures (I&D)

    Laceration repair


    Shave and punch biopsies






    Joint injections

    Trigger point injections

    Lumbar puncture

    Osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT) training

    ​​​​​​​Common Office Procedures

    Residents will do common office procedures in their own continuity clinics, such as:

    • Anoscopy
    • Assisting local specialists in doing EGD, colonoscopy and treadmill stress testing
    • Fluorescein exam of the eye
    • Foreign body removal from eye, ear, and nose
    • Sebaceous cyst removal
    • Skin biopsy
    • Skin cancer resection


    Each week there is a daily conference for 45 minutes at 12:30 p.m. that includes procedural workshops and team-based conferences. Topics cover inpatient and outpatient medical care, including MAT training and behavioral medicine.

    Supportive Community

    Throughout the year, we host many gatherings that foster a close-knit atmosphere, including our intern welcome party at Lake Hartwell. Residents enjoy a safe, vibrant community with excellent weather and a supportive educational environment. Some graduates go on to fellowships, but many begin practicing family medicine in their own community.

    Contact Us

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