When it’s time for you to leave an AnMed hospital, your doctor will write an order for discharge. This means you’re ready to transition to another level of care—such as in-home services, outpatient treatment, or a skilled nursing facility. 

If You Disagree with Your Discharge

If you or your loved one disagrees with your discharge, you may have appeal rights depending on your insurance coverage. If you are a Medicare patient admitted as an inpatient, you’ll receive the Important Message from Medicare (IMM) notice. This explains your rights as a patient and provides information on who to contact to appeal a discharge decision.

Discharge Planning

You’ll meet with members of your care team before discharge. The information they share will help you and your loved ones understand the level of care you’ll need at home.

Discharge Paperwork

Make sure you have the following information before leaving the hospital:

  • Medication list – Explains the medication(s) you’re taking, why and when you must take them, the dosage and who prescribed them
  • Follow-up care instructions – Describes how to care for yourself at home with details about:
    • Food restrictions, if any, to follow and for how long
    • Activities you can and cannot do and for how long
    • Proper injury or incision care
    • Follow-up tests you may need and when you need them
    • Medicines you should not take
    • When you need to see your doctor next
    • Telephone numbers to call if you have questions about home care
  • Information about additional care and treatment – Gives details about services you may need after leaving the hospital, such as rehabilitation care, in-home therapy or tests. These should not be a surprise, and your doctor or nurse should provide details to you before you go home.

Financial Obligations

Visit with a member of the AnMed financial team before you go home to review your insurance benefits coverage and talk about what you may be responsible for paying. Learn how to understand your hospital bill and take advantage of financial assistance.

After You Return Home

Expect an automated follow-up phone call after you leave the hospital asking you about your:

  • General health, how you feel and if you understand all your discharge instructions
  • Medications and side effects 
  • Follow-up appointment scheduling and transportation
  • Home health needs and scheduling
  • Hospital service

An AnMed team member will call you back if you have any concerns.

Access to Your Health Information

You can securely and conveniently access your AnMed health information from home using our online patient portal, MyChart.