Compassionate Care From Neighbors 

Look forward to personal care from AnMed professionals who live and work in your community. They include physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nursing aides, medical technicians, therapists and others. Learn more about some of the people you may see.

Case Manager/Discharge Planner – Works with your care team to assess your medical needs, coordinate care, and facilitate your transition to the next level of care

Chaplain – Offers spiritual guidance and support to you and your family to help you cope with an illness or injury and can also assist with advance directives

Dietitians – Develops a nutrition care plan and educates you about the diet you may need to follow after you leave the hospital

Hospital pharmacists – Dispense medications and answer questions about them while you’re in the hospital

Hospitalist – Consults with your primary care physician, pediatrician or specialist to manage your hospital care and experience from admission to discharge

Medical interpreter – Serves as a translator between you and your health care team if you do not speak English or have limited English skills

Nurse practitioner and physician assistant – Give care to patients within their scope of practice under the guidance of a supervising physician

Nurses – A registered nurse is responsible for supervising patient care and directing the nursing support staff of each unit. Nursing assistants and nurse technicians assist registered nurses.

Patient advocate – Answers questions and addresses concerns to help make sure your hospital stay goes smoothly and you’re satisfied with our care.

Physicians – Your primary care physician, a resident physician or a hospitalist will supervise your care while you are in the hospital.

  • Attending physician is a licensed physician with medical staff privileges at AnMed and overall responsibility for your care while you’re in the hospital.
  • Physician’s designee is a credentialed physician or credentialed caregiver whom a patient’s attending physician has designated to care for the patient in his or her absence.
  • Resident physician is a medical school graduate and licensed physician practicing in a postgraduate medical education program. Resident physicians’ activities are under the direction of medical staff, faculty and attending physicians.
  • Medical student is an individual working toward a degree in medicine.

Rehabilitation therapistsPhysical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and audiologists will help you meet your recovery goals.

Respiratory therapist – Works with your physicians and others on your medical team to identify, treat and prevent breathing conditions

Technicians and technologists – Perform and assist with lab and imaging tests, cardiac catheterization and radiation therapy or prepare surgical equipment and supplies