Oncology Research You Can Benefit From

You’ll benefit from our affiliation with the Upstate Carolina NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). Through this program, you and your doctor have access to a wide range of National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded clinical trials—studies that provide new treatments or devices before they’re widely available. Through ongoing research and trials, we’re helping develop improved drugs, procedures and technologies that can improve quality of life and survival rates. 

Expert Guidance for Clinical Trials

Participating in a clinical trial is a personal decision. Your AnMed oncologist may explore clinical trials with you to determine whether you may benefit. Nurses trained in clinical research review your eligibility, educate you and your family, and assist with referrals to outside institutions if necessary. Trials are available for all major cancers, cancer prevention and symptom management. 

Read answers to frequently asked questions about clinical trials. 

Learn More

To explore upcoming cancer clinical trials, call the AnMed Oncology Research Department at 864-512-4650.