• Nurse Navigators

    These specially trained registered nurses meet with your family at diagnosis and stay with you throughout your cancer journey at AnMed. They offer:

    • Orientation to cancer services at AnMed 
    • Help with scheduling appointments, coordinating support services, and communicating with your cancer care team 
    • Educational resources
    • Financial guidance and help applying for financial assistance 
    • Access to psychosocial support and counseling
    • Referrals to community resources, including support groups and events sponsored by local nonprofit agencies
  • Oncology Dietitian

    Dietitians are nutrition experts. They help you overcome poor appetite, taste changes, difficulty swallowing, weight loss or gain, nausea and vomiting that may occur during cancer treatment.

  • Oncology Counselor

    This professional provides individual and family counseling, leads support groups, offers emotional support and can help with advance directives.

  • Patient Resource Coordinator

    The resource coordinator connects you to community and financial resources that enhance your overall well-being.

Contact Support Services

Meet with a member of AnMed’s support services team as soon as you receive a cancer diagnosis. Call 864-512-4636 to talk to Support Services.

You can also contact:

Integrative, Complementary Therapies

Professionals specially trained in integrative oncology help take care of your mind, body and spirit. Integrative medicine isn’t a cancer treatment, but it helps you feel better and healthier. Options include yoga, tai chi, relaxation techniques, herbal therapy and more.

Look & Feel Your Best

Shop for products that help you look and feel better at the Impressions Appearance Shoppe. You’ll find accessories, wigs, post-surgery apparel, and personal and skin care products.

The Shoppe is accredited through The Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for after-mastectomy breast prosthesis and fitter services. A board-certified mastectomy specialist is available by appointment to assist with properly sizing undergarments, prosthetics or compression garments.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Partner with a physical, occupational or speech therapist for one-on-one care and personalized rehabilitation services. We’ll help you regain your abilities and return to an active lifestyle.

Lymphedema Care

Ask your doctor to refer you for lymphedema therapy for chronic swelling caused by cancer treatments. With the help of AnMed’s board-certified occupational therapist, you’ll reduce pain and other symptoms.

Support Groups

Join AnMed’s free support groups for patients, families, caregivers and friends. Health care professionals lead our meetings. Your nurse navigator and the Cancer Learning Library staff can help you connect with other local or online cancer support groups.

Survivorship—Be Your Healthiest

After finishing treatment, working with our nurses, dietitians and exercise specialists to embrace a healthy lifestyle and reduce the likelihood of cancer recurrence.

Financial Assistance

If you need financial assistance for medical bills, call 864-512-4111 to find out if you’re eligible.

Cancer Learning Center

Access free cancer and survivorship information at the Cancer Learning Center inside AnMed Cancer Center. The learning area is open to families, friends and cancer survivors. Consider it your go-to resource while navigating cancer.

Settle in a peaceful environment with a wide variety of resources, including:

  • Books, journals and magazines
  • Brochures and handbooks
  • Local and virtual support group connections
  • Computer with internet access for research
  • Daily health news
  • Interpretation services
  • Videos and CDs

You can check out materials for up to two weeks.