Full Team in Your Corner

Your AnMed treatment team is a diverse group of skilled medical professionals working together to help you fight cancer. The team may include medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and others, such as technologists and nurses who deliver certain treatments. Our doctors meet regularly to review and collaborate on your care, so you receive the right services at the right time.

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AnMed Advanced Cancer Treatments

Your unique treatment plan is based on your type and stage of cancer, overall health and other personal factors. Treatment options include:

Targeted Therapy

Cancer tumors have unique signatures—markers or chemical signals—that doctors can use to predict the response to certain treatments. If your doctors order a molecular analysis of your cancer, they may be able to prescribe treatments that target the tumor’s marker. This is called targeted therapy, or precision medicine. It’s available for lung cancer, breast cancer, bone marrow cancers and certain other types of cancer.

It’s just one of many ways we personalize your care at AnMed Cancer Center. 

Support for Your Cancer Journey

Throughout your cancer journey, you’ll see a patient navigator—a registered nurse with a background in cancer care. Your navigator will:

  • Guide you through diagnosis and treatment
  • Assist with scheduling appointments
  • Coordinate communications with your care providers
  • Help you get answers to all your questions

You’ll also benefit from supportive services, including classes and support groups and help to manage stress, pain and other symptoms. Genetic counseling is also available to help you understand your unique cancer risks.

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