Screenings for Cervical Cancer

Check with your doctor for guidance on when to get Pap and HPV tests. These screenings look for unusual cervical cells and human papillomavirus, which can lead to cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Genetics

Ask your doctor to refer you to a genetic counselor at AnMed for help to determine if you have inherited gene changes that put you at risk for ovarian cancer.

Cancer Care Team

Your team at AnMed Cancer Center will include different types of doctors who work together to create a personalized treatment plan for you. Each doctor is a cancer specialist in different treatment areas, such as surgery, medical oncology or radiation oncology. Your team will also have a nurse navigator, nurses, social workers, dietitians, counselors, pharmacists and others who will contribute to the excellent cancer care you’ll get at AnMed.


Your treatment options will depend on your cancer type and stage (how far it’s spread). Before starting treatment, let us know if you’d like to discuss ways to preserve your fertility.


Whenever possible, your gynecologic oncologist will remove your tumor using minimally invasive techniques that make recovery easier. Doctors at AnMed often use robotic surgery to perform a hysterectomy through tiny incisions. This procedure removes the uterus and sometimes other reproductive organs, depending on the type of cancer.

Medication Therapies

Special medicines can shrink or destroy a cancerous tumor. Medical therapies include:

Radiation Therapy

Radiotherapy uses high-energy waves to kill cancer cells in a certain area of the body. Learn about the types of radiation therapy available at AnMed Cancer Center

Clinical Trials

Learn about clinical trials that may be available for gynecologic cancers.

Supportive Care

Improve your quality of life during cancer treatment by taking advantage of support services at AnMed. We’ll help you and your family cope with cancer's physical and emotional effects. Look for classes and support groups to help you connect with others and make treatment less stressful.