Helping You Prevent Heart Disease

Treat your heart well; it plays a crucial role in your health by pumping blood with oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. An AnMed cardiologist can help you understand your risk for heart disease and teach you about heart disease prevention or management.

Heart Health

Talk to Your Doctor

Need a cardiologist? No need for a referral.  Just call any of our cardiology offices directly or contact Wellness Connect at 864-512-3748 for help finding a doctor.

Screening, Testing & Diagnostic Services

Learn about your health with AnMed’s complete heart and vascular testing and diagnostic services. Convenient, same-day services are available in some cardiology offices or at the vascular diagnostic and screening lab at AnMed Medical Center.

Cardiac imaging shows your heart's structure and arteries to help your doctor identify and diagnose a variety of cardiac and circulatory system problems.

Cardiovascular Care & Treatments

No matter your condition, we’ll connect you with someone who can help. Our cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons specialize in: 

You may also benefit from:


Specialized Care Clinics

Partner with doctors, nurses and technicians at AnMed clinics that provide individualized care for your specific needs. Dedicated clinics help keep your heart and vascular health on track. They include:

  • Coumadin Clinic – Offers regular blood testing and monitoring to ensure proper blood-thinning medication levels and to prevent the formation of harmful blood clots
  • Cardiac Device Clinic – Monitors, tests and adjusts your pacemaker or implanted defibrillator to keep your heartbeat steady and strong
  • Hypertension Clinic – Customizes your high blood pressure treatment(s) to lower and stabilize your blood pressure

These clinics take place at AnMed Cardiology locations in Anderson, Clemson and Pickens.

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Full Team in Your Corner

The AnMed Heart and Vascular Center in Anderson has several types of specialists collaborating and discussing the best options for your care and treatment. That means you get well-rounded care for your best outcome.

Accreditation & Awards Mean High-Quality Care

We care deeply about your health, so we choose to continually improve our services for your community. You can feel confident in the quality of our care because AnMed Medical Center has earned these recognitions:

  • Chest Pain Center 2021 Platinum Recognition by the American College of Cardiology's National Cardiovascular Data Registry
  • Blue Distinction Center in Cardiac Care by Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Heart Failure Quality Achievement Award by American Heart Association – Gold
  • US News and World Report “High Performing” in Heart Attack care 
  • US News and World Report “High Performing” in Heart Failure care

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