Do I Need Heart Rehabilitation?

Your doctor may recommend our supervised exercise and education program if you have:

We’ll customize the program for your health needs, age, lifestyle and other factors, so you get the most benefit from it.

How Cardiac Rehabilitation Helps

When you follow your rehabilitation plan, you may experience:

  • Fewer cardiovascular symptoms, such as chest pain
  • More energy for daily tasks
  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Lower risk of future heart conditions
  • Better overall health

What Cardiac Rehab Involves 

You’ll meet with our team of exercise physiologists (medical exercise specialists), nurses, dietitians and other professionals three times a week for 12 weeks.


  • We'll assess your overall health and fitness to develop the right rehabilitation plan for you. We’ll use the information to help you set goals and safely achieve them. Throughout the program, we’ll track your progress and work together to help you overcome obstacles.

  • You’ll take part in low-impact, low-risk activities to improve your heart, lung and muscle health. As you exercise, we’ll monitor your vital signs to make sure you stay within your doctor’s limits. Your exercise physiologist will gradually add duration and intensity to your activities to keep you challenged. Look forward to a mix of:

    • Cardio workouts, such as walking, jogging, cycling or using a rowing machine
    • Strengthening exercises, such as lifting weights or doing resistance training
  • Learn how to take care of yourself by developing healthy habits. Depending on your needs, you may learn how to:

    • Eat a heart-friendly diet 
    • Manage your weight
    • Control diabetes symptoms
    • Reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol 
    • Stop smoking
  • When you have a life-limiting illness, it’s easy to feel depressed or anxious. Mental health is closely tied to physical health, so we’ll connect you with counseling and support groups. Know we’re in your corner and want to see you enjoy your best life.

  • Heart surgery or a serious heart condition can affect your ability to work. Ask our vocational rehabilitation counselor to help you retrain for on-the-job tasks so you can do them safely as you recover. We can also come to your worksite and recommend changes to accommodate your health needs. Trust us to help you support yourself and live as independently as possible.

Talk to Your Doctor

Ask your doctor for a referral to heart rehabilitation at AnMed Cardiac and Orthopaedic Center. For more information about the program, call 864-512-1505.