Accredited, High-Quality Care

Choose a facility that’s recognized for having the right technology, staff and imaging techniques to ensure accurate results. AnMed Women’s and Children’s Hospital holds accreditation in ultrasound from the American College of Radiology, the leading accrediting agency for imaging providers.

Why Do I Need Ultrasound?

Your doctor may use ultrasound (also called sonography) to:

  • Assess the health of an unborn baby 
  • Check the flow of blood through arteries 
  • Examine an organ or tissue, such as the heart, breast or thyroid 
  • Guide a procedure, such as a needle biopsy or injection of pain-relieving medicine 

Before Your Test 

You usually don’t need to make changes to your daily routine to get ready for an ultrasound. If you have questions about how to prepare, call the AnMed location where your scan is scheduled. 

During an Ultrasound

For most ultrasounds, you’ll lie on a table as a sonographer applies a gel on the area of your body under examination. Then, the professional moves a device called a transducer over your skin. The device bounces sound waves that you can’t feel against your body, and a computer turns them into images that appear on a nearby monitor. 

Getting Your Results 

The technologist is not allowed to release any information about the results of your test. However, test results will likely appear in your MyChart patient portal within 24 hours. Reach out to your doctor’s office if you have any questions about next steps. 

Contact Us

If you receive a referral for an imaging test, your doctor’s office will schedule the exam for you. Call the AnMed location where your test will take place if you have a question or need to reschedule.