Why Do I Need an X-Ray?

Your health care provider may recommend an X-ray test to:

  • Check for foreign objects, such as an item a child accidentally swallowed 
  • Diagnose a broken bone or a joint problem
  • Examine internal organs
  • Look for signs of infection

Before Your Test 

You usually don’t need to make any changes to your daily routine to get ready for X-ray exams. If you have questions about how to prepare, ask your doctor or call the AnMed location you plan to visit for your X-ray.

What to Bring

If the doctor who ordered your test isn’t an AnMed provider, bring the physician’s exam order with you to the imaging facility. If an AnMed doctor ordered your X-ray, we’ll have a record of it, so you don’t need to bring a copy. 

During Your X-Ray

Depending on the part of your body under examination, you may need to sit, stand or lie down during your test. An imaging technologist will help you get into the right position for the X-ray machine. It should take only a few minutes to gather all the images your doctor needs.

Getting Your Results 

Test results will likely appear in your MyChart patient portal within 24 hours of your scan. You may see them before your doctor has a chance to review and explain them. Reach out to your physician with any questions about next steps.    

Contact Us

After your doctor orders an X-ray test, walk in to one of these locations for an exam—no appointment needed.