Why See an Orthopedic Doctor?

Visit a doctor at AnMed as soon as you start to feel joint pain or stiffness, especially if these symptoms limit your ability to do daily tasks. Early treatment improves your long-term outcome.

Your doctor takes time to learn about your concerns, health history, work and hobbies to understand how your injury or condition affects your life. You’ll learn about your diagnosis and treatment options and get guidance to make the best choice for your care.

Therapist works with a patient

Make an Appointment

Call 864-716-6140 to schedule your appointment at AnMed Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine in Anderson.

Full Spectrum of Services 

Explore the wide variety of services at AnMed for your bones, joints and muscles: 

  • Injections delivered with ultrasound guidance to make sure medication goes to the right place in your joint
  • Hand and wrist care from a fellowship-trained hand surgeon and hand therapists
  • Hip, knee and shoulder care from rehabilitation therapists and surgeons who specialize in treating your body’s largest joints
  • Joint replacement surgery using advanced technology that makes your implant fit precisely and feel natural—and may allow you to return home the same day as the procedure
  • Sports medicine services that focus on nonsurgical options for healing your condition
  • Traumatic injury care, including emergency surgery after a serious accident
  • Rehabilitation, including physical therapy and occupational therapy that help you recover after an injury or surgery

Convenient Care, All in One Place

It’s as easy as possible to get bone and joint care in Anderson because almost all the services you need are in one building—our Cardiac and Orthopedic Center. This includes:

  • Appointments with your orthopedic doctor
  • Hand clinic
  • Imaging

Physical and occupational therapy