Conditions We Treat

Look to us for a precise diagnosis and skilled treatment of conditions such as: 

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear – Injury to a ligament (band of tissue) that stabilizes your knee 
  • Bursitis – Inflammation of the bursa, a fluid sac that provides a cushion between bones and soft tissue 
  • Impingement – Pain that happens when the ball of your hip, shoulder or another joint presses against the socket (cup)
  • Knee malalignment – Bones that don’t line up in the joint, causing a knock-kneed or bow-legged look 
  • Osteoarthritis – Breakdown of the cartilage that cushions the ends of bones in your joint
  • Patellar injuries – Damage to the kneecap
  • Rotator cuff tear – Damage to tendons that control the shoulder’s movement 
  • Shoulder dislocation – Bone that falls out of the joint
  • Tendonitis – Tendon inflammation that causes pain
  • Torn meniscus (knee) or labrum (hip) – Injury to soft tissue that cushions the joint 

Evaluation & Diagnosis 

Expect a thorough assessment of your joint during your first visit to an orthopedic specialist at AnMed. The doctor will ask about your symptoms and may:

After your doctor fully examines your joint, you’ll work together to make a care plan to treat your pain and meet your goals for recovery.

Nonsurgical Care for Hips, Knees & Shoulders

Your treatment plan will likely begin with nonsurgical services, such as:

  • Physical therapy that guides you through exercises to strengthen a weakened joint, teaches you how to prevent pain and uses hands-on techniques to relieve stiffness
  • Injections of pain-relieving steroids, lubricant (for stiff, arthritic joints) or natural substances, such as platelets that help your body heal an injury 
  • Closed reduction for a dislocation – Gives you local anesthesia to prevent pain and then puts your bone back in position in the joint without surgery

Surgical Procedures

If you need surgery, you’ll get expert care from surgeons who specialize in hip, knee or shoulder treatment. They perform procedures such as:

  • Osteotomy – Reshapes bones in your knee to make them align better 
  • Rotator cuff repair – Reattaches a torn tendon to bone to allow fuller movement of your shoulder
  • Torn labrum surgery – Reattaches the soft tissue to your joint’s socket to relieve pain and stiffness 
  • Torn ligament surgery – Replaces or repairs a band of tissue that holds your joint in place 
  • Torn meniscus surgery – Stitches knee cartilage back together if possible or removes the damaged area of cartilage 

Arthroscopy: Less Invasive Surgery

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive approach to hip, knee or shoulder surgery that leads to a faster recovery. Instead of making a large incision, your surgeon makes one or more small incisions. The surgeon then slides an arthroscope (thin tube with a light and camera) and tiny surgical tools into your joint to see it and treat your condition.

ACL Reconstruction 

Reconstructive surgery replaces your knee’s torn ACL with a graft made of a tendon, usually one from your own body. Your surgeon may recommend using tissue from your quadriceps muscle. Traditionally, surgery on a quad tendon made an incision one or two inches long. But AnMed orthopedic surgeons can perform this procedure with a shorter incision. That means less scarring, reduced postsurgical pain and a quicker recovery.

Joint Replacement

Joint replacement exchanges a damaged hip, knee or shoulder with an artificial implant that offers long-term relief from arthritis pain. Your new joint will feel and move as naturally as possible because AnMed surgeons use technology that gives you a precise fit. With support from dedicated physical therapists and occupational therapists, you’ll learn how to safely use your new joint to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

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