Family Support

Depending on your family’s needs, we’ll teach you about a variety of topics—from using an inhaler to avoiding asthma triggers. We can also refer you to Family Connection of South Carolina, which offers workshops and support for the loved ones of people with disabilities. 

Screenings & Diagnostic Tests

To make sure your child gets the right care, we may perform tests such as:

  • Exercise-induced bronchospasm screening – Shows any breathing trouble during physical activity 
  • Spirometry – Measures how much air a child age 5 or older can exhale in one breath and shows how well asthma treatment is working
  • Questionnaire – Asks about your child’s symptoms and how they affect daily life 

Ask an Asthma Educator

Let us know if you have an asthma-related question that’s not a medical emergency.

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Certification Means Excellent Care

AnMed has South Carolina’s only Asthma Self-Management Education program certified by the American Association for Respiratory Care. That means you can trust our highly qualified staff to provide care that meets your family’s specific needs. 

Educational Videos

For Referring Providers

Download our form to refer your patient to AnMed Pediatric Asthma.

Asthma Referral [PDF]