Your Birth Plan

Take our childbirth classes to learn how to create a plan for the labor and delivery experience you envision. Know that when the time comes, your nurses and doctor may adjust your plan to keep you and your baby healthy. 

pregnancy childbirth class

What to Do When You’re in Labor

When you think you’re in labor, call your prenatal care physician. Then, grab the bag you packed and come to AnMed Maternity Center at the AnMed Medical Center. Park in the spaces marked for expecting parents near the main entrance, across from the Anderson Area YMCA. 

When you enter the Admitting/Labor & Delivery entrance, take a right and take the elevator to the second floor. You’ll see the admitting desk. If you arrive between midnight and 5 a.m., go through the double doors to the nurses’ station instead, and tell the staff you’re here for admission. 

A nurse will ask you to verify your personal information and then take you to an observation room to confirm that you’re in active labor. Then:

  • If you plan to deliver vaginally, you’ll go to a private labor, delivery and recovery room with cable TV and WiFi for you and your visitors. 
  • If you need a C-section, you’ll go to a surgical suite reserved for the maternity unit. 

Visitors & Your Support Person

One support person is welcome to stay with you in the labor and delivery room or postpartum suite. Learn more information for visitors at AnMed Labor and Delivery / Birthing Center.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Ask your prenatal care doctor about attempting a vaginal delivery if you’ve had a Cesarean section. Trust us to support a VBAC as long as it’s safe. 

Labor Positions & Pain Relief Options

  • Let us help you reduce discomfort during childbirth. Explore options such as:
  • Birthing balls, bars and peanut cushions designed to ease vaginal delivery
  • Pain medicine delivered through a vein or by epidural (injection in the spine to numb the lower body)
  • Nerve block to relieve pain after a C-section

If you don’t want pain medicine during a vaginal birth, your maternity team will respect your choice for a natural delivery.

Skin-to-Skin Bonding

Right after birth, a maternity services team member will place your healthy newborn on your chest and cover it with a blanket for warmth. Your infant will feel comforted by the feel of your touch and rhythm of your heartbeat. Skin-to-skin contact also helps your little one stay warm and start nursing for the first time.

After an hour or two, a nurse will take your baby’s measurements, provide an antibiotic ointment and deliver a vitamin K injection. 

Special Care Nursery

If your baby is born a little too early or is moderately ill, take comfort in knowing our nursery is nearby for additional care.  

Mother-Baby Unit

After your initial recovery, you’ll stay in our mother-baby unit for:

  • One or two days after a vaginal birth 
  • Up to three days after a C-section deliver

Your baby will remain with you so you can enjoy all your newborn’s memorable first moments together. You’ll also learn about infant care and breastfeeding from your nurse or a lactation consultant before going home.

Birth Control Counseling

After birth, tell us if you’d like to see our nurse practitioner for birth control counseling. You’ll have a chance to ask questions, and you can choose to explore options for receiving contraceptive services before you go home.