Seamless Care From OB/GYNs & Family Doctors

Choose one of these types of providers:

  • Family practitioner – Can care for both you and your child as he or she grows up
  • Obstetrician – Specializes in caring for women during pregnancy, labor and delivery 

No matter your type of prenatal care doctor, you can look forward to coordinated care. The physician has access to all your AnMed medical records, which means you receive informed recommendations tailored to you.  

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists

If your pregnancy has a higher-than-average risk of complications, you may receive a referral to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist (perinatologist). This type of physician is skilled in helping you stay well and ensuring a safe delivery. AnMed has a collaborative relationship with these physicians to bring you the care you need close to home.

Prenatal Visits

During your first prenatal appointment, your doctor will confirm your pregnancy. You’ll receive educational materials to read at home so you understand what to expect. 

Your physician will order blood tests and other exams as needed. These services make sure you and your baby stay well and address any health concerns as soon as possible.

Early in your care, you’ll also receive an ultrasound to verify the fetus’ age and, if desired, determine its sex. 

Meet a Pediatrician

In your second trimester, call an AnMed pediatric primary care clinic to schedule a free visit with a pediatrician. Use this time to ask questions and get to know the doctor you may choose for your baby. When your newborn arrives, you can rest easy knowing your infant has a dedicated physician who’s ready to provide care.

Find a Doctor   

Get to know our friendly obstetricians and family doctors so you can choose the right prenatal care physician for you and your baby.