Imaging Tests

Our advanced diagnostic tools and compassionate care make getting imaging tests a breeze. Our goal is to provide same-day results when you have a diagnostic mammogram or breast ultrasound. Learn more about the breast imaging services we offer in our peaceful, spa-like setting. 

We also offer bone density scans to diagnose conditions such as osteoporosis, or weak bones. The DEXA scan (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) is an enhanced form of X-ray that measures bone loss. The procedure is quick and painless. Find out if getting a DEXA scan is right for you. 

DEXA scan


A gynecologist—a doctor specializing in women’s health—is an essential member of your care team. From routine exams to surgery to menopause care, our gynecology services help you stay well at every stage of life. You can look forward to affirming, nonjudgmental support at each visit. 

Maternity Care 

Your pregnancy is as special to us as it is to your family. That’s why you can count on our warm, friendly team for personal maternity care—including prenatal appointments, labor and delivery support, and breastfeeding education. Before your due date, don’t forget to check out our childbirth and parenting classes, too. 

Important Screenings for Women

Preventive care is vital in early detection of serious medical conditions.

The following are general screening guidelines. Your provider can help determine your personal screening needs.

You can also learn more about the cancer services and treatments offered at AnMed, along with prevention of heart disease.

Screening Age Frequency
Well-woman exam 20+ Yearly
Pap test 20+ Every 3 years
Mammogram 40+ Yearly
Cholesterol screening 40+ Every 4-6 years
Colorectal cancer screening 45+ 1-10 years, depending on type of test and family history
Lung cancer 50-80 Yearly for those at high risk
Bone density screening 65+ Based on doctor recommendation