Conditions Treated

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can treat conditions such as: 

  • Crush injuries 
  • Diabetic foot ulcers 
  • Bone and skin infections 
  • Radiation injuries
  • Skin graft flaps with dying tissue

What Happens During HBOT? 

During HBOT, you’ll be lying in a comfortable, see-through chamber, breathing 100 percent pure oxygen. (The air you normally breathe is only 21 percent oxygen.) The air in the chamber is raised to a higher-than-normal pressure, which helps your lungs take in more oxygen. All this promotes healing and helps your body fight off infection. 

HBOT sessions last about two hours and take place daily for several weeks. Most patients relax, watch TV, read or rest during therapy. But you don’t have to do anything other than breathe normally. 

How Should I Get Ready for HBOT?

Good news: Little preparation is required. You can eat, drink, sleep and take normal medications before treatment. If you’re not feeling well, you might need to reschedule your session. 

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