Requirements for Volunteering

We require all our adult volunteers to be 18 years of age and older. Each volunteer commits to a one-year time frame of working the same shift, preferably every week, for a minimum of 80 hours per year. Most volunteer shifts are four hours on the weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

The volunteer application requires two non-family member references. If your application is selected, you must:

  • Interview with the volunteer coordinator
  • Complete a background check
  • Complete a health history form
  • Do two tuberculosis (TB) skin tests
  • Attend a full-day volunteer and staff orientation, on the second Monday of each month

Completing an application does not guarantee acceptance into the volunteer program. The application process may take between four and six weeks.

Annually, volunteers participate in safety training and demonstrate knowledge of safety issues. 


The AnMed Cannon Auxiliary was formed in 1967 by a group of individuals who wanted to support the hospital. Throughout the years, the Auxiliary has served the hospital and its community in untold ways, enriching the lives of those they have touched.

Today, we have a wonderful group of men and women who are a part of our Auxiliary—donating their time and talents to serve the hospital. This includes:

  • Sponsorship of the annual John Harden Scholarship
  • Monetary contributions for building campaigns and equipment purchases
  • The operation of a gift and coffee shop for the convenience of visitors, patients and employees
  • Holding regular fundraisers

Auxiliary members are asked to participate in projects and serve on a committee of their choice. Funds raised have gone to:

  • Furniture for the Emergency Department waiting area
  • Benches for the fitness trail and the front of the hospital
  • Ice machine for the cafeteria
  • A bone density heel scan machine for the wellness department
  • The purchase of a digital mammography machine
  • The construction of the Emergency Department and Outpatient Services building