The mission of AnMed is to passionately blend the art of caring with the science of medicine to optimize the health of our patients, staff and community.


Our vision is to be recognized and celebrated as the gold standard for healthcare quality and community health improvement.

I am AnMed Performance Standards

At the foundation of our efforts to accomplish our mission and vision “I am AnMed” serves to shape and define the day-to-day actions of the staff and practices of the organization.

I am Accountable.

Standards: Integrity, Safety, Quality, Financial, Regulatory

Some examples of behaviors include:

• I follow all policies, procedures and Code of Conduct.

• I use resources wisely to help meet expenses and contribute to the bottom line.

• I report incidents and near misses and suggest improvements as needed to ensure a safe workplace and environment for our patients and staff.

I am Nurturing.

Standards: Caring, Compassion, Passionate, Respect, Diversity

Some examples of behaviors include:

• I demonstrate empathy and a passion for serving others.

• I respect patients, colleagues and customers.

• I recognize and value the dignity and individual differences of all people.

I am Motivated.

Standards: Anticipating Needs, Communication

Some examples of behaviors include:

• I embrace a culture of “yes” by addressing needs of others or finding someone who can.

• I anticipate the needs of patients, employees and/or customers and try to exceed their expectations through consistent rounding and through communication tools utilized by my department.

• I use AIDET with every customer every time.

I am Engaged.

Standards: Collaboration, Teamwork

Some examples of behaviors include:

• I celebrate the successes of others.

• I work closely with other team members to provide the best care for our patients and processes for our staff.

• I help and support teammates and other departments.

I am Dedicated.

Standards: Community, Commitment

Some examples of behaviors include:

• I participate in activities to benefit AnMed and the community.

• I commit to the standards that serve to shape and define the day-to-day activities that support the Mission and Vision of our organization. 

• I am dedicated to my team in my department and the AnMed team.