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At AnMed, we want you to live your happiest life. That's why we offer advice on keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and sound. Read on for tips from your local partner in lifelong wellness. We'll reach our best health, together.

What's New

  • Star doctors, nurses and staff go the extra mile

    The AnMed teammates who earn recognition in programs celebrating Stars of the Month and Physicians of the Quarter come from all over our health system. They are honored for many different reasons. But they have at least one thing in common: They’ve made a significant contribution to help us accomplish our mission to provide exceptional and compassionate care.

    These are some of their recent stories.

    Jan 16, 2024
  • Lung cancer loses grip on SC residents thanks to new surgical tools

    Like thousands of people across the Upstate and northeast Georgia, like countless more worldwide, two Upstate residents were held in the grip of addiction last year. Then they got the motivation they never wanted. They faced the specter of the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., as it’s described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They were told they had lung cancer.

    But action was taken, perhaps just in time. And they have an important message to share.

    Jan 02, 2024
  • Total knee replacement and total hip replacement surgeries help millions of Americans

    There’s no reason anyone should assume that they’ll have to live with significant knee or hip pain for the rest of their lives, according to Dr. Hunter Hsu, an orthopedic surgeon at AnMed Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Total knee replacement surgery and total hip replacement surgery are common nowadays, and they can provide a new lease on life. And at AnMed, we use the reliable precision of leading robotic technology.

    Nov 09, 2023