Why Health is a Good Investment

Studies show that investing in employees' physical and mental health can improve a business' fiscal health. Employee habits like tobacco use, sedentary lifestyles, poor eating and substance abuse can contribute to lost productivity, increased absenteeism and inflated medical costs. Occupational Medicine offers the information, support and encouragement employees need to make positive lifestyle changes.

Workers' Compensation Injury Care & Management

Work-related injuries can increase operating costs and decrease productivity and morale. Efforts to prevent them can pose a constant challenge to your business. But injury care doesn’t have to involve a difficult process. Our board-certified occupational medicine physician provides optimal treatment for employees, while following all necessary Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and recordkeeping guidelines. 

Explore Our Employee Health Services

AnMed Occupational Medicine provides many services that can be customized for your organization. 

  • Acute and chronic disease management at onsite clinics staffed by a nurse practitioner, medical assistant and phlebotomist
  • Audiograms (hearing tests)
  • AED / CPR / first aid / bloodborne pathogen training
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals 
  • Drug and alcohol testing  
  • Health and wellness programs 
  • Wellness coaching to help employees maintain healthy lifestyles 
  • Immunizations for flu, hepatitis B, COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, as well as titers to determine if an employee needs a certain vaccine 
  • Impairment ratings after an illness or injury
  • Independent medical evaluation after an injury
  • Physicals, including pre-employment exams, return-to-work physicals and fit-for-duty physicals 
  • Job demands analysis to identify the specific physical, psychosocial and environmental requirements of a position
  • Job function testing to ensure you’re hiring and retaining the right people for your organization
  • Medical director services 
  • Medical review officer (MRO) services to evaluate the results of drug and alcohol tests 
  • OSHA-mandated medical surveillance exam 
  • Spirometry/pulmonary (lung) function tests 
  • Respirator fit testing 
  • Travel medicine services to prevent infectious diseases 

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