Accredited, High-Quality Care

You can trust that AnMed has the right technology, staff and protocols to ensure your safety and accurate results. The American College of Radiology (ACR) has accredited AnMed Clemson in CT of the abdomen, chest, head and neck.

Why Do I Need a CT Scan?

Your doctor may order CT testing to:

  • Check the health of your heart, kidneys or other organs 
  • Determine the size and location of a tumor 
  • Diagnose internal injuries 
  • Examine the flow of blood through arteries 
  • Screen for lung cancer

Before Your CT Scan

To make sure your test goes smoothly, follow the instructions you’ll receive after making your appointment for the exam. 

Contrast Material 

Before some CT tests, you’ll receive an injection or swallow a contrast liquid. This material makes a certain part of your body show up better on the images. Your CT technologist will make sure you don’t have any allergies or other health conditions that the contrast material could affect.

During Your Exam

For most CT exams, you’ll lie on a narrow table that slides into a short tunnel. The imaging technology rotates around you as a computer processes the images. Nearby, a technologist operates the machine, monitors you and talks to you using an electronic speaker. Usually, the test takes only a few minutes.

Safe Imaging for Children

Rest assured; your child will get the lowest possible dose of radiation during a CT scan. AnMed is a supporter of Image Gently, an initiative of the ACR and other professional radiology groups to promote safety in pediatric imaging.  

Getting Your Results 

Test results will likely appear in your MyChart patient portal within 24 hours. You may see them before your doctor has a chance to review and explain them. Reach out to your doctor with any questions about your next steps.    

Contact Us

If you receive a referral for an imaging test, your doctor’s office will schedule the exam for you. Call the AnMed location where your test will take place if you have a question or need to reschedule.