VP of Clinical and Support Services David Glymph retires

David Glymph,VP of Clinical and Support Services, retires after over 35 years of service at AnMed.

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VP of Clinical Services, 2022

After more than 35 years at AnMed and 25 of those years dedicated to supporting operations at AnMed, Vice President of Clinical and Support Services David Glymph will retire in January of 2023.

Glymph enrolled at Clemson as an engineering major and quickly switched into healthcare administration. As luck would have it, he had Mr. Kirk Oglesby, former CEO of AnMed, as his professor. Immediately inspired by Oglesby's charisma and vast knowledge of hospital systems, Glymph applied for and was accepted to an internship program at AnMed during college. After college, Glymph was encouraged by Oglesby to attend Duke University for a master's in healthcare administration.

After being recruited by former AnMed CEO John Miller in 1987, Glymph began his career at AnMed as an administrative resident. He was quickly promoted to AVP in 1989, and then in the early 1990s moved to VP of Support Services. He has been responsible for multiple areas at AnMed including engineering, food service and pharmacy, just to name a few.

“It’s all about knowing how to talk to people and relate to them. We are all working toward the same goal, and working together is how we consistently make AnMed better," Glymph says.

Glymph says one of his proudest accomplishments during his tenure was playing an instrumental role in the 1997 development and construction of AnMed's North Campus, comprising of the Oglesby Center, the Women's and Children's Hospital, the Cardiovascular and Orthopedics building, and the Cancer Center. This was a huge accomplishment that he says could not have been done without help and support from those who worked with him. He also provided leadership through the implementation of the radiology PACS system and robotic automated dispensing systems in the pharmacy. Glymph was also involved in developing the business case for AnMed’s first bloodmobile.

Another accomplishment that holds a special place for Glymph was to become a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. This prestigious

Executive Team
Executive Team, 2013

recognition is paramount to the commitment of advancing healthcare in the community.

"The best piece of advice I have for those just starting out at AnMed is that no matter what you are doing, it is all for the betterment of the patients that we serve. You may not deal with patients directly, but every action we do as AnMed teammates impacts the care and service of the patient. We are here to help people and their families during a time when they feel vulnerable, so no action is too small or goes unnoticed in providing excellent patient experiences," Glymph says.

"I cannot thank David enough for his contribution to AnMed. Tenure like David’s is rare today. I commend him for his contributions over almost four decades. His honest, personal, and respectful approach to leadership has served as a benchmark for us all," says CEO William Kenley.

Glymph has had an exemplary career at AnMed and been a critical part of leading its many changes, reflects Chief Strategy Officer Brett Justice. "From one standalone hospital, Anderson Area Medical Center, to multiple facilities in the region, David's fingerprints will remain as a long-lasting impact for the patients, physicians and team members at the system for years to come. I will always appreciate his even-keeled, mild-mannered leadership style," Justice says.

Glymph and his grandson, 2022

Michael Cunningham, CEO of AnMed Cannon and Vice President of Community Partnerships, says that Glymph's calm and kind demeanor even during the most challenging of circumstances has always been source of encouragement. "I hope David moves into retirement knowing that his work at AnMed has been meaningful and his role in this organization has helped us truly be better," Cunningham says.

"David has dedicated himself to AnMed, our patients and the community for many years," says COO Scott Weiskittel. "His service and accomplishments over his career will have a lasting impact on the families of our community for today, tomorrow and years to come. His kindness, commitment, hard work, and professionalism has further fulfilled the mission and vision of our organization. He will be dearly missed by all but never forgotten," he continued.

"David has the extraordinary capacity to see the good in people, which makes him an exceptional team mate. He can always be counted on to do his part,and then some. He’s helped me better understand our operational challenges and that has made me a better finance leader," says CFO Christine Pearson.

In retirement, Glymph is looking forward to spending more time with his wife Katy, their three children, his 10 month old grandson and also his father. He also is looking forward to playing the drums with his band, Those Guys and playing in the Concord Baptist Church orchestra.