Before the weight loss surgery can take place, doctors typically recommend that patients spend time learning more about the different weight loss surgery options, the overall surgical process, as well as the lifestyle changes that must occur before and after the surgery. In addition to consultations with a medical team and independent research, doctors will also recommend that patients attend a weight loss seminar to learn this information. It's typically the first step patients take in their weight loss journey.

What is a weight loss seminar?

A weight-loss seminar is an informational meeting that covers all aspects of weight loss surgery. This seminar is led by a bariatric surgeon who has the most in-depth and accurate information about the weight loss surgery procedure and can speak to the steps before, during, after surgery that the patient will have to take.

Weight loss seminars are an opportunity to meet with bariatric medical team members, including surgeons, nurses, and nutritionists, in a free, low-pressure environment where you can learn more about the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery and whether it's for you. Like any other elective surgery, complete understanding is key. A good weight loss seminar will include the following:

  • The credentials and experience of the doctor
  • An overview of the hospital's weight loss center
  • An overview of all the different weight loss procedures
    • This can include gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, and revisional bariatric surgery
  • An overview of the steps patients take before, during, and after surgery, including
    • Weight loss expectations after surgery
    • The diet process and dietary changes
    • Information about living a healthy lifestyle to meet weight-loss goals
  • Informational handouts
  • Q&A Session

Attend a Seminar

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, we hope you’ll join us at our next seminar.

AnMed is a dynamic, comprehensive health system with a state-of-the-art weight loss center in Anderson. AnMed has provided health care for residents of eight counties in South Carolina and Georgia for more than 100 years. We offer a wide array of services, including weight loss surgeries and weight loss resources to help patients maintain a healthy goal weight.

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Who should attend a weight loss seminar?

Anyone seriously considering weight loss surgery should attend a seminar. In fact, attending a seminar is often required. This will give you an opportunity to see if you are a likely weight loss candidate for the procedure. 

Weight loss seminars are designed for people who are at the beginning stages of the weight loss journey. The information will be more general and high level. It is during your first consultation with the doctor that you’ll discuss the specific weight loss surgery and goals for you.

What to expect at a weight loss seminar

Weight loss seminars are usually group sessions rather than one-on-one consults. Weight loss seminars last about an hour and AnMed hosts them regularly at our weight loss facility in Anderson. It’s helpful to bring a notepad and paper so you can jot down important notes or questions you want to ask later in the session.

During the weight loss seminar, you’ll hear a presentation given by a surgeon, as well as watch a few informative videos, followed by a question and answer session at the end.

The surgeon will cover:

  • How to prepare for weight loss surgery
  • Steps to qualify for weight loss surgery
  • The weight-loss medical team you’ll work with
  • Presurgical lifestyle and programs to support patients starting their journey
  • Weight-loss surgery prep
  • Weight loss surgery recovery
  • Post-surgery diet and lifelong diet expectations
  • Foods and substances to avoid post-surgery
  • Surgery benefits
  • Surgery risks

The goal of the weight loss seminar is to help you better gauge whether you want to move forward with weight loss surgery. After learning about the surgery, its risks, and the necessary steps taken throughout the process, you’ll be able to determine if it’s something you're comfortable with.

Once you’ve attended a weight loss seminar in Anderson and feel confident about moving forward with surgery, you’ll be able to set up a one-on-one consultation with the doctor. This is where the doctor will take all of the information from the seminar and tailor it to create a specific plan for you based on your personal goals.

Questions to ask during a weight loss seminar

The weight loss seminar will give you a lot of information to process, so it’s helpful to jot down a few questions beforehand that you know you’ll want to ask. Some common questions include:

Which procedure does the weight loss center perform most?

This question can help you understand the surgeon’s preference for a particular surgery and why. It might help prepare you for the conversation in which your physician will recommend a specific bariatric surgery they think is best for you.

What tools are offered to patients after surgery?

AnMed offers a variety of programs, tools, and consultations to keep you on track towards your weight loss goals. There are additional tools that AnMed surgeons might recommend, like joining a support group. Getting this information ahead of time can help you research the tools and take advantage of them.

What insurance providers do you accept?

While the doctors may not be able to answer this question, they can tell you about the different payment options that are available to patients. You can also check with your insurance company beforehand to see if bariatric surgery is a fully or partially covered procedure.