Mobile Mammography Screening Guidelines

A mobile mammography screening is for women who:

  • Are 40 or older
  • Aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Can walk up and down three to four mobile steps 
  • Don’t have breast symptoms, such as a lump or tenderness 
  • Have waited one year and one day since their previous mammogram 
  • Haven’t received a COVID-19 vaccine in the past month

What to Bring

Bring the following to your appointment:

  • Health insurance card (if you have one) 

  • Photo ID

  • Images from mammograms you received at facilities other than AnMed (if you have them)

  • Order from your doctor (if you received a referral for a screening)

How to Prepare

Skip applying deodorant, powder, perfume or lotion on the day of your appointment because they can affect your results. Wear a two-piece outfit with a top and bottom. You’ll change into a mammography blouse on the bus in a private dressing room. 

Cost & Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance providers cover mammograms, but we offer a 50 percent discount if you pay out-of-pocket. You may be eligible for low or no-cost screenings if you don’t have insurance. To learn whether you qualify for assistance, contact the breast patient navigator at 864-512-4091.

Your Mammogram Results

A radiologist will read your mammogram within one business day, and the results are sent immediately to your physician. You can also view the results on your AnMed MyChart account. You’ll get a letter and instructions in the mail on what to do next within seven to 10 days. 

If your mammogram reveals the need for further care, our dedicated breast health nurse navigator will guide you every step of the way. Any follow-up appointments or additional imaging will take place at AnMed Women’s Diagnostics in Anderson.

Mammography Access for All Women

Our goal is to make sure every woman has access to screening mammograms. Thanks to the support of many individual and corporate donors to the AnMed Foundation, the mobile mammography bus travels to locations throughout the area, bringing life-saving screenings to those without access to transportation. 

To learn how you can help support AnMed’s efforts to bring mammograms to the women who need them, contact the AnMed Foundation at 864-512-3477.

Bring the Bus to Your Location

If you’d like the mammography bus to come to your place of worship, civic group, local event or workplace, you’ll need:

  • To make your request at least 90 days before the event date
  • Minimum of 15 appointments to make a reservation
  • Flat surface with 10 to 12 parking spaces, no low tree branches and enough space for a 43-foot-long bus
  • Nearby restrooms

Locations & Distance

The mammography mobile bus is available in Upstate South Carolina or Northeast Georgia. Your location must be within a 50-mile radius of the North Campus in Anderson.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, the mobile mammography bus will follow the Anderson County School District 5 closing schedule. 

Contact Kim Stevens at 864-512-6511 or email to reserve the mobile mammography bus.

Requests For Exam Records

If a healthcare provider outside of AnMed asks for copies of your mammogram images, you must fill out a medical records release form [PDF]. It gives us permission to send the images to another facility. You can mail, email, or fax the completed form to 864-512-6587.