Highly Qualified Breastfeeding Advocates

Breastfeeding might be the most natural way to feed a baby, but it requires patience and sometimes a little help. You and your baby will benefit from our international board-certified lactation consultants’ (IBCLC) knowledge and expertise. IBCLC means our lactation consultants have the highest level of training available to care for breastfeeding families. 

Breastfeeding Support For New Moms

Partner with lactation consultants at AnMed for peace of mind when you begin breastfeeding. They can offer advice and help with a wide range of concerns, such as:

  • How to achieve a comfortable nursing position and infant latch
  • Tips for successful breastfeeding and lactation
  • Preventing and managing poor latch, maintaining a full milk supply and nipple or breast pain
  • How to express and store milk 
  • Strategies for breastfeeding when you return to work

Sign Up for a Breastfeeding Education Class

Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby and prepare for newborn feeding. Our lactation consultants teach an introductory breastfeeding class to expecting moms and dads.

Call 864-512-6255 to register for a free two-hour class, held the second Sunday of most months.

Hospital Care

Learn to breastfeed and comfort your new baby with guidance after birth. A lactation consultant will visit you daily in the hospital's maternity unit to help make feeding time a comfortable and bonding experience. When paged by your nurse, a consultant will return to your room for additional help during the day and evening. The consultants can also help visiting moms with nursing in AnMed’s Special Care Nursery.

Ask for Help After You Go Home

If you have breastfeeding or lactation problems once you get home—don’t give up. Ask your baby's doctor to refer you to AnMed’s location consultants for an appointment. After your doctor makes the referral, call 864-512-6255 to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Meet with a lactation consultant to talk about your concerns and feeding goals in a comfortable, private room. You can bring one other adult to the visit if you wish.

Your consultant may need to observe a breastfeeding session with your baby to help identify problems. Please bring your baby ready to feed. And if you have difficulties with your breast pump or another breastfeeding aid, bring it to your visit.

Supplementing Breastfed Babies

Sometimes, babies need extra nutrition to gain weight. Your lactation consultant can help you make a plan to supplement with formula while protecting your breastfeeding ability.

Breastfeeding Phone Support

Get your breastfeeding or lactation question answered by a lactation consultant seven days a week. Call 864-512-4864 to leave a message on our lactation support helpline, and we will return your call within one business day. Or you can email lactation@anmed.org to reach one of our consultants.