Cancers We Treat

AnMed offers personalized care for a wide range of cancers, including: 

How Cancer Grows

All types of cancer start when abnormal cells in the body grow out of control. Cancer cells can multiply, spread into nearby tissue and form a tumor (unusual lump). Leukemias and other rare cancers may not form a tumor.

When cancer cells enter the bloodstream or lymph vessels, they can travel to other body parts, where they grow and form new tumors. This is known as metastasis.

Cancer Staging

Staging is when your cancer care team determines how much cancer you have in your body and where it’s located. This process helps your doctors plan your treatment. They consider factors such as:

  • Cell type and how closely the cancer cells resemble normal tissue
  • Location of the primary tumor 
  • The size and number of tumors 
  • Whether cancer has traveled into lymph nodes 
  • Whether cancer has metastasized (spread to other parts of the body) 

Cancer staging also allows doctors to predict how likely treatments are to succeed. Staging uses Roman numerals one (I) through four (IV), with the higher number meaning more advanced cancer.

Experienced & Personalized Cancer Care

Different types of cancer behave differently. They grow at different rates and respond to different treatments. That is why you need the knowledge and experience our cancer specialists have in treating your specific kind of cancer.