Allergy Clinic

Ask our Anderson clinic about allergy testing and treatment if you have itching, watery eyes or trouble breathing when exposed to certain substances or environments. There are many types of allergies, and testing helps pinpoint the cause. After seeing your results, we’ll make personalized recommendations to help you get relief.

    Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

    Head and neck cancers usually begin in the mouth, nasal passages and throat. Using the latest medical technology, our doctors work together to make a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

      Pediatric ENT Care

      We want to help your child feel their best. Count on us for care of:

      • Ear infections (treated with medication or surgery)
      • Hearing loss and birth defects of the ear 
      • Tumors in the inner ear
      • Infected tonsils and adenoids (tissue at the back of the throat)

      Sinus Surgery & Balloon Sinuplasty

      If you need surgery for a sinus blockage, your surgeon may use imaging guidance to pinpoint the areas for treatment. That makes surgery more effective and helps you get the most relief from your symptoms. 

      Learn about balloon sinuplasty, a minimally invasive procedure for chronic sinusitis (fluid blockages) and acute rhinosinusitis (nasal inflammation). This treatment doesn’t remove tissue from your sinuses, so it leads to a faster recovery than traditional sinus surgery.

        Thyroid Surgery & Parotid Surgery

        Thyroid surgery removes a lump from the glands in your neck that regulate metabolism, heart rate and sweat. Parotid surgery treats the gland in your jaw that makes saliva. If part of the parotid gland becomes blocked, an ENT surgeon will remove the clog to restore the flow of saliva.

          Voice Clinic

          The Voice Clinic cares for symptoms such as:

          • Difficulty speaking after a stroke or brain injury 
          • Hoarseness in people with Parkinson’s disease
          • Trouble swallowing due to head and neck cancer treatment 
          • Shortness of breath

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