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Recognized as a Great Place to Work

You'll quickly learn firsthand why AnMed is well-known in our community as an excellent employer, winning Anderson Independent Mail's "Best Place to Work" award. It's thanks to our close-knit teammate community and inclusive environment, regardless of differences.

Get inspired by like-minded, passionate coworkers. We're dedicated to each other, those we serve and the organization. Some teammates spend most or all of their careers at AnMed, and many who leave decide to return. 

What Sets AnMed Apart?

If you ask current staff what they like most about working here, top answers include:

  • Friendly, collaborative and positive atmosphere, where everyone's contributions are valued
  • Benefits, programs and perks that show staff appreciation, support work-life balance and enhance well-being
  • Encouragement of professional development and continued education
  • Opportunities for promotion and advancement 
  • Continuous investments in technology, equipment and talent
  • Advanced programs, focus on innovation and adoption of the latest best practices to offer exceptional care and improve the patient experience 
  • Accessibility to leadership 
  • Teammate-led groups spearheading programs and activities that enhance the work environment and move the organization forward
  • Strong history, not-for-profit mission and inspiring vision for the future 
  • Activities to connect with coworkers, have fun, celebrate success and give back to the community that strongly supports us 
  • High quality of life in a great place to call home

It's a fantastic, energizing time to join AnMed. We'd love to welcome you to the team. 

For Nurses

Advance your nursing career at AnMed, where nursing leadership advocates for you, making sure you have the resources and support to do your best.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Work for an organization that recognizes the importance of DEI and makes it a critical part of our culture. Everyone who walks through our doors should feel comfortable being their true self. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also leads to a happier, more productive, innovative and collaborative team. 

Culture of Workplace Safety

You'll find many policies and processes to protect teammate and patient safety. This includes:

  • K-9 officer at AnMed Medical Center, which is proven to reduce security incidents in health care settings
  • Assistive lift devices installed in 90 percent of patient rooms to support safe lifting practices and prevent injury

Learn more about safety and quality of care at AnMed.


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